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1. Always use proper eye protection, while using and working on a paintball marker. If you are new to paintball, or need a refresher, visit Warpig's page for newbies.
2. If you are uncertain of your skills, have adjustments and repairs made by a qualified technician.
3. Any damage caused by improper adjustment is not covered under warranty.
4. Regulators, by design, can hold pressure to the marker after removal of the air or CO2. Prior to starting any work, ensure all pressure has been released from the marker and regulator.
5. Failure to follow these instructions may cause damage to the marker and possible grievous injury to the operator.

Limited Production: The cold fusion cocker gun line is a collection of limited production custom cockers. Only 50 of each color and style are made - then we make changes and produce 50 more. Each Cold Fusion Cocker now comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Upgrades: Even though the Cold Fusion Cockers come stacked from the factory, there are always those who want a little more. Check out the cocker accessories page, as most of the parts listed there are available to match your cold fusion. We can always custom anodize your parts to match your P&P gun.

Warranty: Every Cold Fusion Cocker comes with a 1-year warranty. We believe our guns utilize the highest quality parts available in paintball today, however if a part is found to have a manufacturers defect, we will replace it FREE of charge (with the exception of shipping and insurance charges, if applicable). Normal wear and tear items and damage caused by improper adjustments are not covered under warranty.

Maintenance: We recommend that you complete these steps each time you use the marker for best long-term performance. Do not put any part of your body directly in back of the cocking block when you activate the trigger. When the cocking block is in the rear-ward position, do not place anything between the cocking block and the main body.
Remember: Regulators can hold air, even after the air source has been removed. Damage caused by improper adjustments are not covered under warranty.

Oil: Use 3-in-1 / Paintball Oil
1. Remove In-Line Regulator (Messiah)
2. Turn marker upside-down
3. Deposit 2 drops of oil into the VBA
4. Re-Install In-Line Regulator
5. Place 1 drop of oil onto the shaft of the Ram
6. Place 1 drop of oil onto the shaft

Cleaning: Use a 50/50 solution of rubbing alcohol and water.
1. Remove air source and be sure no air is held by the regulator.
2. Remove bolt and barrel
3. Wipe down marker with the solution.
4. Lubricate the threads and all moving parts with Vaseline.
5. Reassemble.
6. NOTE: It isn't necessary to completely disassemble your marker to clean it. Most people send in their markers every couple of years for a tune-up - to keep the marker in "like new" status.

Velocity: Do NOT try to control or alter the velocity by adjusting the Messiah in-line regulator. This pressure is set at the factory and should only be adjusted by a qualified cold fusion technician.
1. Remove the cocking rod in the rear of the marker.
2. Insert a 3/16" allen wrench until it engages the velocity adjusting screw (IVG)
3. Turn the wrench clockwise to increase velocity, counterclockwise to decrease the velocity.
4. Turning the wrench ¼ turn will adjust the velocity approximately 30fps. Always use a chronograph to verify that your markers velocity does not exceed the maximum safety limit of 300 fps and that it meets local field regulators.
5. NOTE: We do NOT set the velocity prior to leaving the factory. You MUST set the velocity using a chronograph to within field and safety limits prior to playing.

Timing: Timing is defined as the time between the firing of the marker and the re-cocking of the marker. This adjustment is typically adjusted by raising or lowering the hammer lug through the vertical timing hole drilled into the main body. Timing too close can cause excessive blow-back into the feed tube, chopped balls, not firing, and low velocity. Timing too far apart can cause the marker not to cock and may cause velocity fluctuations.

A. You Must be 18 or older to order paintball supplies and accessories.
B. You Must use YOUR OWN credit card to make purchases from the P&P website.
C. The billing address of the credit card you provide in the online form must be the same as the billing address of the credit card on file with our processing company. All addresses will be verified before shipping. If your billing address cannot be verified - the order will not be processed.
D. All deliveries require an adult signature.
E. Orders are processed in the order they are received.
F. Items that are out of stock will be backordered and shipped when they are available. You will incur additional shipping charges for backordered items. Therefore if you have items that are backordered, shipping cost will exceed the online quoted shipping price. Backorders under $20 will be cancelled.
G. Special and Custom orders must be placed by phone, require a 50% deposit, and cannot be cancelled for any reason.
F. Items not manufactured by P&P are covered under the manufacturers warranty. P&P will attempt to service the item, if owner sends the product to our service department. Customer is responsible for any costs not covered by the actual product manufacturer.

A. ONLY unused, unopened items may be returned, for CREDIT, to P&P Paintball. Use is defined as any attempt to install, fire, wear, or wash. Paintballs are not accepted for return under any circumstances.
B. All items returned to P&P Paintball for ANY REASON are subject to a 20% RESTOCKING FEE.
C. P&P will issue a "store credit" or gift certificate for any accepted returns - less the 20% restocking fee. CASH OR CREDIT CARD REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED FOR ANY REASON.
D. Return authorization numbers must be obtained from P&P Paintball for all items that are being returned for any reason. Products that are sent to P&P Paintball without a valid return authorization number will be refused and returned to the sender at the senders expense. Freight associated with returns or refused packages for any reason are strictly the responsibility of the sender. FREIGHT PAID WILL NOT BE REFUNDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.