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Barrel Plugs:
The JT Barrel plug doubles as a lens removal tool. It works pretty well too! Available in yellow, orange, green, and blue. Price is $5.

Straight shot is the origional and the best for most barrels. Clean your barrel while it's still on your gun. Great for quick clean on the field. Use with the on-gun holders. Price is $12. Available for 12-18" barrels.

Jerk or pull through squeegee is used when the barrel is removed from the gun, or for use with cockers, piranhas, etc. that have a quick remove bolt. Price is $14.

Squeegee Holders:
On-gun: a wide band of elastic with a tightly held tube to hold the squeegee parallel to your gun. Keeps it out of the way but easily accessable at the same time. For use with 12oz, 20oz, or 68 cubic inch tanks. Price is $15.

On-leg: straps to your leg to hold your straight shot squeegee. Available in black, camo, or real tree pattern. Price is $15.