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Tippmann Pro Carbine:
Tippmann's standard rifle style marker. This gun will remind you of the one you rented at your local field. Excellent design and known for durability. Available in black only. Price is $210.

Model 98:
This gun is great! If you haven't shot one yet, you should. It has a short crisp trigger pull and the durability of a Tippmann. This gun is available in matte black and silver for $190.00.

Model 98 Marble:
The same basic gun as the plain Model 98's but with a marble finish. 6 different color choices available. Price is $250.

Model 98 Kameleon:
The finish on this gun will actually change colors before your eyes. Same internals as the regular model 98. Available in 4 different choices. Price is $250.

Site Rail:
This will allow your model 98 to accept most sites and scopes. Especially useful on older models which didn't have a universal rail built in. Available in black for $20 or chrome for $30.

Vertical Bottle Adaptor:
Used to modify your 98 to accept an expansion chamber or in-line regulator. Fits inside the existing handle (top only). Air line manipulation is required to install. We will install for free if you bring your gun into our store. Price is $40.

Double Trigger and Guard:
Your model 98 can have a double trigger. Just get these pieces, cut your existing frame, and install the new parts. Price is $50.

Rear Cocking Kit:
Make your 98 rear cocking. Kit is easy to install. Price is $40.

Rear Velocity Adjuster:
Another mod for your 98. You can adjust your velocity by hand instead of with an allen key. Some play places may require you to lock it down with the included set screws. Price is $25.

Powerfeed Adaptor:
This add on will help your paint to feed faster by using the powerfeed technology. You will need to add a traditional l-bow to this mod for use with your hopper. Price is $40.

Model 98 Parts Kit:
Complete kit with all parts needed to rebuild your marker. Price is $50.
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Vertical Bottle Adaptor:
This modification will enable you to add an expansion chamber and or a front handle to your pro-carbine. Air line manipulation is required for installation. Price is $40.

Pro-Carbine Parts Kit:
Completely rebuild your carbine with this kit. Price is $50.

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