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Standard Auto Cocker:
Closed Bolt System, One of the most widely used guns on the Tournament Circut, Incredibly upgradeable, very low maintenance, and easy to clean.

Standard Auto Cocker LM:
Comes with everything on the Auto Cocker, plus includes: Basic Trigger Work, Clippard Ram, Rock Regulator, 1/4 28 Hammer Kit, and Bottom Line. Also available with 45 frame, trigger work, DYE barrel, venturi or other bolt, Nitro valve, and other Supercocker upgrades.

Rock Regulator:
The regulator is the part of the pneumatics that controls how hard or easy the gun cycles. An adjustable regulator is a necessary add-on that enables you to adjust the pressure on your gun externally. Black is $50. Chrome is $60.

1/4 28 Hammer Kit:
A combination of 2 main springs, 2 valve springs, and stainless steel hammer with a 1/4 inch rounded lug. Installing the kit allows you to do more modifications, including trigger work, by setting up the base of your gun. This adjustable cocking lug enables the user to adjust the depth with a turn of a hex wrench. The larger springs are easier on the pneumatics by creating the same amount of energy with less actual work. Entire kit is $43. Valve(2) & Main(2) Spring Kit is $16.

Clippard Ram:
The ram actually moves the pump rod, which moves the back block, and recocks the gun. The Clippard ram helps to eliminate that "choppy" feel by reducing the drag of the stock ram. Brass is $25. Chrome is $35.

Titanium Cocking Rod & Knob:
The cocking rod draws the hammer back in to the firing position. Our titanium rod is stronger and lighter than the stock one. Price is $15.

Titanium Pump Rod:
The pump rod links the pneumatics to the hammer via the back block & cocking rod. This titanium rod reduces weight and threads perfectly into the ram & block. One piece construction eliminates rubbing on the body. Price is $17.

Ball Detent:
Allows only one ball at a time to feed. This aftermarket detent is made of stainless steel with a ball & spring pressed in a nut that is "tapped" into the side of the gun. Price is $15.

Push Pin:
Replaces the stock pin. This quick pull pin is stronger and retracts 4 ball bearings by the push of a button. Price is $15.

Threaded Actuator Rod & Coupler (Timing Rod):
Ours is a stainless steel rod and coupler. This allows you to adjust the timing by loosening the set screws and shortening or lengthening the rod. Makes fine tuning much easier and quicker. Price is $12.

Lightened Back Block:
Not only looks cool, but reduces stress on the ram. Black is $25. Chrome is $35. Also available raw and/or polished.

Lightened Front Block:
Weight reduction with custom style milling. Black $50. Chrome $60. Also available raw and/ or polished.

Vertical Bottle Adaptor:
Black is $40. Chrome is $50. Available raw and/or polished.

P&P 45 Frame:
Most people would agree that this is the best frame in the industry. The set screws in our frame virtually eliminates slop in the trigger - both side to side and up and down. Black is $70. Chrome is $80.

Chrome Trigger Plate:
Chrome plates available for either current frames or older ones. The plating makes for a smooth pull. Price is $30.

Trigger and Sear Spring Kit:
2 different trigger and sear springs included for maximum tuning. Price is $10.

Complete 45 Trigger Upgrade Kit:
Comes with P&P 45 Frame (3 set screws included), chrome trigger plate, trigger springs, sear springs, sear, sear pin, chrome trigger shoe, and rubber grip plates. Price is $130. Assembled with basic trigger work add $45.

RAT Valve:
The origional RAT valve which increases air efficiency by up to 35% if you're using Nitrogen. Price is $50.

Exhaust Valve:
Price is $15.

3-Way O-ring Repair Kit:
Includes 2 C Clamps, 2 Orings, 2 stem o-rings

How an Autococker Works (click for autococker animation)